About Way Back Skills

Built on the belief that rediscovering our most ancient skills is a great way to reconnect with what it means to be our true selves.

Bushcraft gets us back in touch with nature,
and with our selves!

Way Back Skills was founded in 2022 on the simple idea that learning and practicing the most ancient skills, which were fundamental to everyday human existence for the majority of our time here on Earth, is not just fun but incredibly empowering!

Modern life has given us an awesome range of conveniences and labour-saving devices, but that has come at a cost. We no longer know how to do things for ourselves, and that has a profound impact on our self-belief and confidence.

Whenever our ancient ancestors needed anything, they knew how to get it from the natural world around them. They just needed to know what to source, where to find it, and how to transform it into what they needed. Nature provided for all your needs, if you had the know-how...

Lead bushcraft instructor

I have always been fascinated with anything tribal or prehistoric, and have been drawn to survival and self-sufficiency since my teens.

I believe that the desire to be able to do things for ourselves and for our tribe and the urge to be in nature are buried deep in our DNA. That's why I believe rediscovering ancient survival techniques is such a health-giving and powerful tool for building confidence and self-belief.

Ben Hunt

Founder and Chief Instructor

Nature still does provide everything, but these days 99.9% of us have forgotten how to work with nature to meet our needs in a way that is in tune with natural laws, which is both sustainable and profoundly life-enhancing.

So rediscovering some of those most basic of human skills... making fire, sourcing food, finding clean water... is not only a heap of fun, but it delivers immense confidence! That's because this is the way humans always lived up until the last few thousand years, working together, learning together, and sharing skills. So it's also the most natural way to develop cooperation and teamwork.

We'll design incredible experience days (or multiple days!) around any group's particular needs and skill level, all delivered in a beautiful natural setting. You can come to one of our locations in central England, or alternatively we may be able to bring our mobile bushcraft camp to you!

Learn in a safe environment with the support of a skilled and knowledgeable instructor, and hopefully be inspired to continue your bushcraft learning journey afterwards... as well as enjoying a new appreciation for the many benefits of modern living!

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